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The mission of the South End Children's Cafe is to impact food insecurity, address food equality and food justice, enhance academic success and positively influence the physical and mental health of children living in and around the South End of Albany, New York by offering free, healthy dinner time meals along with homework help and other enrichment programs. 

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Volunteers are essential to the success of the South End Children's Cafe. The Capital Region and surrounding area is  rich in resources when it comes to volunteers. At the Cafe, volunteers are needed for tutoring, mentoring, preparing meals, serving dinner and helping with workshops and special events. Volunteers impact the lives of children and their futures and influence the way we approach food insecurity and hunger.

Hours & Enrollment

During the school year, the South End Children's Cafe is open after school with homework help, academic enrichment and arts and crafts for children in grades k - 4. At 5:00, the children sit together and share a dinner, prepared for by our chef and volunteers. Family members are invited to join the children for dinner. Dismissal is at 5:30pm. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program, please call 518.275.8890. 

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South End Children's Cafe


25 Warren Street, Albany, New York 12202 


Children enrolled in the South End Children's Cafe eat a healthy dinner, free of charge, served in a cafe setting. Dinners begins with a salad, followed by a healthy dinner prepared and served by a team of wonderful volunteers. The children talk, laugh and learn about healthy foods at the Cafe, and partnerships with local agencies and donations of food, time and talent make the delicious dinners at the South End Children's Cafe a success!