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​​​NEWS: ​The South End Children's Café is providing to go meals to children and families. If you would like to donate to this effort, please visit our donate page or contact the Children's Cafe at 518.275/8890 for more information.

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Food In·se·cu·ri·ty

The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of
affordable, nutritious food.
The limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food.
"more than 800 million people live every day with
hunger or food insecurity as their constant companion"

Local Resources

Food Pantries For The Capital District

Albany County Food Stamp/HEAP Program

Hunger Action Network of New York State

Why Hunger

Eat Right on a Budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

​16.2 million children live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis.
​As a result, they struggle with hunger at some time during the year.

Food insecurity exists in 3.9 million households with children.

Rates of food insecurity are substantially higher than the national average among households
with incomes near or below the federal poverty line, among households
with children headed by single parents (35.1% of female-headed households with children are food-insecure).

6- to 11-year-old food-insufficient children had significantly lower arithmetic scores and were more likely to have repeated a grade,
have seen a psychologist, and have had difficulty getting along with other children.

​Food-insufficient teenagers were more likely to have seen a psychologist, have been suspended from school,
and have had difficulty getting along with other children.

In 2010, 2,757,270 New Yorkers lived in poverty, making the poverty rate 14.2% of the population.
​The poverty rates in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany are all above 25%.

In 2010, the child food insecurity rate was 21.3%. That is 902,070 food insecure children.

Statewide, 2.3 million residents rely on emergency food assistance annually.
That breaks down to approximately 570,000 different people turning to emergency food programs for weekly assistance,
an increase of 70,000 people since 2006.

In 2011, 1.4 million, or 1 in every 7, New York workers is unemployed, under-employed or has given up looking for work. 
A total of 39% of residents or almost 3.3 million people would not be able to afford food
within three months of losing their household income.

47% of households with children experienced difficulty affording needed food for themselves and their families in 2009,
a 15% increase since 2003.

In Albany County, children and youth living at or below the poverty line
​has increased from 15.2 percent in 2005 to 18.9 percent in 2011.

In Albany County, 24% of children and youth receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits,
​compared to the statewide percentage of 28.4%.

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