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Albany, NY 12202, United States

South End Children's Cafe


25 Warren Street, Albany, New York 12202 

​​​NEWS: ​The South End Children's Café is providing to go meals to children and families. If you would like to donate to this effort, please visit our donate page or contact Lily at 518.478.3369 for more information.

Visit our COVID-19 Response Page below. Thank you for your support! Please stay safe and healthy. 

"I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realized, I am somebody. "

                           ~Author Unknown


     Volunteers are vital to the South End Children's Cafe. 

Volunteers must complete the volunteer orientation and paper work before joining the South End Children's Cafe.

Please note: During Covid-19 our volunteer program has changed. Volunteer pick up and delivery, Cafe clean up and other tasks are needed. 

Please contact Tracie at 518.275.8890 for more information regarding volunteering during Covid-19. Thank you.